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Metro Detroit HYPNOSIS

Whether your goal is to release fears; to achieve your goals; to lose weight; to finally quit smoking; to birth your  baby in a calm, confident and empowered manner; or to simply relieve the stresses of everyday life, I can help you.  Together, we will travel the path together to enlightenment and freedom!

“Tiffany knows so much about how to help us achieve our goals. It's a pleasure to work with her. She's kind, professional, and sessions with her make my life better! Thank you Tiffany!”

Jill McPartlin Reiter

The Root Hypnosis

Hypnosis can Help You

Reduce Anxiety
Quit Smoking

Orang Plant

Lose Weight
Build Self Confidence

Swinging Pocket Watch

Release Fears
Let Go of Past Experiences

Get In Touch

"You can either Think You Can or Think You Can't, Either Way You are Right!"

Henry Ford

Have questions? Send them to me here, or give me a call.


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